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Zanskar Chadar Frozen River Trek Fee: Rs. 19,500/- Inclusive of service tax
Zanskar Chadar Trek Fee with Lingshed homestay: Rs. 23,500/- Inclusive of service tax

Winter Ladakh 2017: Luxury premium travel of 6N/7D across Ladakh landscape in winter by car/SUV. Frozen Pangong Lake, icy Indus and Zanskar rivers, snowclad high mountains and passes. Nubra, Khardung la, Likir, Lamayuru in absolute winter splendor! Starting from Rs. 24,500/- p.p. inclusive of service tax, central heated Leh Hotel with breakfast and dinner. More details at

Chadar Frozen River Ice Trek 2017

Winter lifeline of the Zanskaris

Zanskar is like no place in India - it remains cut off from almost beginning of November till around June beginning [around 7-8 months in a year]; as of now it gets vehicular access only when the Pensi La opens up thus making the road journey from Padum and nearby places to Kargil possible and beyond then to Leh or Srinagar.

As such this region having an altitude of around 12,000 to 13,000 feet and covering an areas of 7000 sq km remain totally cut off. Zanskar river which takes it form onwards Padum after merging with its different tributaries flows in a north-easterly direction through the dramatic Zanskar gorge and merging with Indus river; the confluence being at Nimmu, just on the outskirts of Leh on the Leh-Kargil road.

zanskar chadar trek

As bitter winter comes up in the desolate valley, temperatures plummet and with the river mostly being in a gorge and thus having very little of direct sunlight mostly freezes over during the coldest months of mid January to mid February. Zanskaris since time immemorial, cut off during the winter months, have trekked on this river ice surface to reach Leh for their emergency supplies, education and also for the different winter religious festivals that take place in Leh.

"CHADAR" refers to the blanket or sheet as the Zanskar river transforms itself from a rapid river into a white blanket of ice during winter, a frozen spectacle awaits the trekker to be experienced of glass ice ranging from a bluish tinge to golden yellow that is seen during the few hours that sunlight reaches directly into the gorge to the milky whitish on a moonlit night - as said a trek journey like no other!

zanskar chadar trek ZANSKAR: Zanskar valley lies to the south - west of Leh, surrounded by the Himalaya and Zanskar ranges, which is the most isolated of all the trans - Himalayan Valleys. Zanskar comprises of two main valleys the Stod(Doda Chu) and the Lanak (Tsarap Chu)which coverage below at Padum. The area remains inaccessible for nearly 7 months in the year. All passes close in the winter and the river freeze on the surface. Zanskaris walk along it to reach the Indus River in Nimoo (Chilling village), which is known as the Chadar (frozen blanket) Trek. The geographical isolation has resulted in the preservation of the Buddhist heritage and identity. Many ancient monastic establishments are still actively involve in religious activities some remote caves are believed to have been used by the successive Buddhist saints to sustain meditation in pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

Detailed Itinerary

Chadar Trek Day 1: Arrival at Leh

On arrival in the morning at Leh airport. Transfer to lodging at the guest house; a day of leisure and acclamatization. Overnight at Leh guest house.

Chadar Trek Day 2: Leh to Chilling drive, and a short trek to Tilat Sumdo.
In the morning we leave by private vehicles with our support staff to begin this amazing and most exciting winter trek. Shortly after leaving Leh, we reach Nimoo, the confluence of Zanskar and Indus rivers. The sight is amazing as the iced up and frozen Zanskar meets the fast flowing Indus.

zanskar chadar trek We stop here for around 5-10 mts for all to have a view and a click. We then turn down from Nimoo following the track parallel to the frozen River Zanskar, a drive towards the road head beside the frozen river is another amazing experience.

zanskar chadar trek Travel distance between Leh and Chilling is around 64 KM. We reach now to the point, past the village of Chilling to where the roadhead ends. Touching the Chadar first time, we start the trek for 1-2 hrs along the magnificent frozen river Zanskar till Tilat Sumdo. Overnight in tent.

zanskar chadar trek

Chadar Trek Day 3: Trek to Tsomo Paldar:
Wake up time is around 7:00 am, freshen up. Breakfast with hot tea and you are ready for a day full of frozen ice river trek by 9:00 am.

zanskar chadar trek
Hearing the different sounds of Chadar forming and breaking, you will soon get familiar where the Chadar or the ice cover is thick and thin. With a early lunch break in between, we would soon reach the majestic. Lunch is in between the trek, where we all stop where sunlight is abundant though duration is much less as the river flows through a gorge and direct sunlight time is limited.

zanskar chadar trek

We trek again on frozen ice towards the designated camping site for the day. Overnight at camp

zanskar chadar trek

Chadar Trek Day 4: Tsomo Paldar – Dibb:
Early in the morning after having our breakfast, it is an another day of ice t expedition among some of the most fantastic landscapes and ice vistas. Vast mountain sides rise up abruptly from the river as it flows through gorge. We might even catch sight of bharals or blue sheep as we trek along the frozen river. Not to say about the frozen waterfalls!
zanskar chadar trek
Though today is the longest day of the trek, we pass through some magnificent beautiful waterfalls and frozen ice cliffs on the left - it is like walking through a giant freezer! The walk also crosses through narrow gorges, where the trekker may have to climb briefly on to the rocky river bank.

zanskar chadar trek

We trek again on frozen ice towards the designated camping site for the day. Overnight at camp

The sharp bends and current of the river breaks the ice in some places. Lunch in between on a flat rocky hill side by the river. Overnight at camp
zanskar chadar trek

Chadar Trek Day 5: Trek from Dibb to Nyerak Pullu
Again one of the magnificent days on the Chadar trek. However, the caution being that this can become a difficult if the Chadar is not very firm. The vistas are stunning though as we pass through giant frozen waterfalls, ice cliffs and one may even catch sight of the mountain fox.
zanskar chadar trek
zanskar chadar trek After lunch we pass the 'incense tree', so called because the locals use its branches to burn in their morning rituals, and the prayer flag draped tree marks the entrance to Zanskar proper. The porters will normally take a few twigs from the tree. We reach Naerak campsite by late afternoon. An old, dilapitated bridge on the river as folklore goes is thought to be more than an 1000 years old. A trail is normally beaten through in the snow towards the village up high in the mountains. Overnight at camp.
zanskar chadar trek

Return trek to Leh

Chadar Trek Day 6 - Return trek: Naerak – Dibb:
Though technically it is the same way back, it is also quite different. The Chadar or the blanket of ice that is forming on the River Zanskar is always changing, breaking up and forming itself again. As the Chadar dynamics are ever changing, the same route and place would look and feel different as the texture and conditions change. zanskar chadar trek
All along the way, trekkers will pass by and meet a lot of locals wearing their traditional woolen Gonchas, trekking their way towards the village of Padum, Lingshed and Naerak. Pleasantries are exchanged and even a few stories and legend about Zanskar and its people can be heard. Their warmth and smile is amazing among all the hardships. Overnight at camp.
zanskar chadar trek

Chadar Trek Day 7 - Return trek: Trek from Tibb to Shingra Koma:

A few more images from the Zanskar Chadar Ice Trek.
zanskar chadar trek

zanskar chadar trek

zanskar chadar trek

zanskar chadar trek

zanskar chadar trek

zanskar chadar trek

Chadar Trek Day 8 - Return trek: Trek from Shingra Koma to Tilat Do, and drive to Leh.

Today is the last day of this amazing and unique trek. We finally return back to the road head where our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to our guest house at Leh. zanskar chadar trek

A huge goodbye to the support staff; their absolute dedication and support is nothing short of amazing. Finally on reaching at Leh, the guest house room of Leh after some 8 days is most welcome, yet the experiences of this ice trek linger and will be remembered forever. Overnight at guest house in Leh.

Chadar Trek Day 9: Return from Leh by early morning flight.

So finally a goodbye and good wishes for your return flight to Leh as you board the early flight back to your home town, and definitely some great memories and a lifetime of an experience to narrate to many a friend and family.



    Drone equipment and satellite phone usage are banned and absolutely must not be carried or used.

       [  Batch status updated on 1st Dec.  ]

    All batches are guaranteed to run.

    Batch strength ranges from 8 to 12 persons max.

  • 07 Jan - 15 Jan 2017
    Leh-Leh/10 days
    Batch [  Full  ]
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  • 14 Jan - 22 Jan 2017
    Leh-Leh/9 days [  3-4 places left  ]

  • 21 Jan - 29 Jan 2017
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  • 27 Jan - 04 Feb 2017
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  • Also enjoy the amazing Spituk Gustor festival that falls on 25th and 26th of January. Click on link for some images of the festival

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  • All batches are guaranteed to run.

    Batch strength ranges from 8 to 12 persons max.



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    Batch [  Full  ]

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    Batch [  3-4 places left  ]

  • Also enjoy the amazing Spituk Gustor festival that falls on 25th and 26th of January. Click on link for some images of the festival

  • 04 Feb - 13 Feb 2017
    Leh-Leh/9 days
    Batch; [  3-4 places left  ]

  • All batches are guaranteed to run.

    Batch strength ranges from 8 to 12 persons.



Leh - Padum - Leh [Chadar Trek on frozen River Zanskar]

  • Call for batch date - +91 98313 77005
    Leh-Leh/14 days [including 1 day kept as spare/reserve day, if required]   [  open  ]

  •    [  14-day Chadar Trek fee: Rs. 33,500  ]


    SMS to +91 98313 77005 for a call back and/or send e-mail to for initial registration. The confirmation e-mail sent by us would also include trek fee payment details and mode of payment.


    • Trek Fee: Rs. 19,500/- per person.
      [Early bird discount of Rs. 19,500/-, for registration done before November 30, 2015]

    • Trek fee for Chadar trek batch with Lingshed overnight stay: Rs. 23,500/- per person. 10 days, Leh-Lingshed-Leh

    • A token deposit of Rs 3500 per person would suffice for blocking a position in the group. The remaining full payment would be required by or before November 30 to avail the trek fee rate of Rs 19,500/.

    • Full refund for cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the trek. For refund of remaining part of payment follow
      the refund guidelines.

  • A great deal of attention over the years had gone into finding the best of the local Zanskari lead guides to porters to other support staff. All are screened prior and have been with us in the Chadar Trek through multiple years.

    As such professional and high quality support staff is ensured. This, though expensive and also laborious, ensures the best of service to our trekkers and the consistent good review over the years makes this process worth the time and effort.


    Day 1: Report at Leh. Acclimatize and over night at guest house.
    Day 2: Drive to Chilling [3 hrs]. Trek to Tilat Sumdo camp [1 hr].
    Day 3:Trek to Tsomo Paldar [9 km/6 hrs trek].
    Day 4: Trek to Dibb [14.5 km/8 hrs trek]
    Day 5:Trek to Naerak Pullu [11.5 km/7 hrs trek]

    [Return Trek]

    Day 6: Trek from Naerak to Dibb.
    Day 7:Trek to Shingra Koma.
    Day 8:Trek to Chilling and drive back to Leh.
    Day 9:Return from Leh.


    Day 1: Report at Leh. Acclimatize and over night at guest house.
    Day 2: Drive to Chilling [3 hrs]. Trek to Tilat Sumdo camp [1 hr].
    Day 3:Trek to Tsomo Paldar [9 km/6 hrs trek].
    Day 4: Trek to Dibb [14.5 km/8 hrs trek]
    Day 5:Trek to Naerak Pullu [11.5 km/7 hrs trek]

    Day 6: Trek from Naerak to Lingshed village. Explore the monastery, the monk school and the simple village life. Overnight stay at homestay of a local

    [Return Trek]

    Day 7:Lingshed to Dibb via Naerak Pullu
    Day 8:Trek to Shingra Koma.
    Day 9:Trek to Chilling and drive back to Leh.
    Day 10:Return from Leh.

    What is Included in Fees

    1. Trek fee inclusive of service tax.
    2. Accommodation: Stay at Leh Hotel/Guest House on Day 1 and Day 8 of Trek and tents/camps on the trek.
    3. Transportation from Leh to the road head at Chilling from where the trek starts.
    4. Vegetarian meal during the trek
    5. Camping charges and permits.
    6. Sleeping bags and mats.
    7. Trek leader, Porters, helpers and Cook.
    8. Services of an Qualified and experienced Trek Leader to guide over the entire tour.

    Exclusions -

    1. Food/Meal in Leh.
    2. The newly proposed Wildlife Fees and Envoirmental fees as being put forward by LAHDC and ALTOA. The rate for 2017 Chadar Trek is still to be announced, though provisionally it has been decided at Rs 2300 for Indian nationalities and Rs 2800 for foreign tourists. Again, it has not been confirmed yet. As and when a decision is taken, it would be put on this website.
    3. Personal expenses and tips.
    4. Personal winter and trek requirements like jackets, sun glasses, gloves, and trekking poles.
    5. Anything not specifically mentioned under the included list.
    6. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/ stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control.

    book now For booking please call or mail using the mobile numbers or the email addresses


    Mr Anirban D. Choudhury

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    For more details on select travel and treks: and/or call: +91 98313 77005 /// +91 94322 05932


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